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Country * Fixed * Mobile
Australia USD$ 0.026 USD$ 0.155
Canada USD$ 0.020 USD$ 0.020
China USD$ 0.021 USD$ 0.021
South korea USD$ 0.032 USD$ 0.083
Taiwan USD$ 0.025 USD$ 0.130
Philippine USD$ 0.175 USD$ 0.227
France USD$ 0.022 USD$ 0.205
USA USD$ 0.020 USD$ 0.020
Singapore USD$ 0.020 USD$ 0.020
Thailand USD$ 0.025 USD$ 0.025
Malaysia USD$ 0.033 USD$ 0.059
Germany USD$ 0.025 USD$ 0.304
UK USD$ 0.025 USD$ 0.255
Japan USD$ 0.043 USD$ 0.196
VN USD$ 0.120 USD$ 0.120
Hong Kong USD$ 0.026 USD$ 0.009
*   Per minute round up rates
*   iFone charge per second billing


About iFONE

iFone is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology which could convert your voice into a digital signal that travels over the Internet. It is a revolutionary new product that allows you to make phone call from anywhere to everywhere with internet connection. With iFone, you can save calling costs to your friends, family, and business associates wherever you may be in the world. You do not need to worry about the high phone call cost because iFone provides low cost calling services which allow you to enjoy longer talk time.


What iFone Offers?

  • 1 Multifunctional iFone with Free On-site Installation + Training
  • Free Choose Your Own iFone Number + Shortcut config.
  • 3 months free calls within iFone network "iFone 2 iFone calls"


Key Benefits

Your Enjoyment Our Features
a) Full Control Over your Phone Communi - cation/Bills
  • Choose Your Own iFone Number! (Any number you like)
  • Caller ID Display, easy filter on calls receive 
  • Full Access to your account at anywhere anytime from our website, to view Full Calling Data Record (CDR) list out ALL outgoing/ incoming calls, so No more surprise bills at the end of month!
  • Remote recharge of account at your preferred timing and for your loved ones!
b) Conveniences in Life with internet
  • Use iFone & Surf Internet At the Same Time
  • Consolidated 1 single Bill
  • Same iFone account to use on PC/Laptop and Nokia Mobile phones with WiFi Connection!
  • iFone Shortcut Numbers provide 4 digits extension-like numbers
c) Great Costs Saving compare to your current phone
  • Unlimited FREE* calls within iFone Network
  • Eliminate jammed cross mobile network issue
  • Per Second Billing (Unlike Local phone services are with per Minute billing!), you pay for what you call only.
  • Flat Local call rates @ $0.07/min for any calls to anywhere any fixed/ mobile in Cambodia!
  • Affordable International call rates from $0.02/min to Popular Destinations!
d) More Complex Internet Calls Demand Supported
  • Call Forwarding from your iFone number to any phone number
  • PBX system supported for concurrent local phone line + iFone calls
  • Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) calls support for multiple analog phones connection at 1 time.